HIRS | Telemedicine Program Volunteer Call 
UOSSM is currently preparing to launch a telemedicine platform for Northwest Syria, to contribute to solving the gap of qualified health workers challenge in the health system. We are now recruiting volunteer doctors in three specific specialties, who would be supporting the platform in its initial phase. There will be flexible modalities of engagements, according to the time and availability of the doctors outside of Syria. The commitment ranges from 10 hours per month to 60 per month. 
The telemedicine intervention is part of the Health Integrated Resilience System (HIRS), which is an innovative project funded by the Canadian and UK governments. The project aims to leverage advanced technologies; like solar, electric mobility, and telemedicine (amongst other technologies) to strengthen the health system in conflict areas.


Thanks to the Hand in Hand Foundation (HIH FAD) and the Syrian Expertise Medical Association (SEMA) to join us as partners and we are appreciating all the cooperation and coordination during the implementation project.