Al-Ekhaa- Hospital supported by SEMA is one of the largest and most important hospitals in NWS.
It is located in the Harem district/ Dana sub-district/Atma comm

It provides comprehensive emergency obstetric and newborn care services (CEmONC) to the IDPs and Host population since 2012 for about 150,000 people in Atma community and 500,000 in the surrounding camps.
The hospital contains the following departments:
1- Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology (provides the following services 24/24 hours):
  - Normal delivery. 
  - Caesarean section (C-section).
  - Reproductive health consultation.
  - ANC: Antenatal Care.
  - PNC: Postnatal Care.
  - Family planning
  - Gynecological surgical operations.
2- Department of Pediatrics and Newborns (provides the following services 24/24 hours):
  - Outpatient consultations (OPDs).
  - Hospitalization and admission for children.
  - Incubators for newborns.
  - Intensive care unit for children (ICU) and newborns (NICU).
  - Cooling therapy.
  - Telemedicine by SEMA experts 24/24 hours.
  - Referrals.
3- Laboratory Department.
4- Radiology department.
5- pharmacy.
6- Outpatient clinics (OPDs).
7- Admission ward for women and children (25 children's beds and 17 women's beds).
8- Incubators (7)
9- Intensive care unit for children and newborns (5 ventilators: 3 for newborns and 2 for children)

The number of beneficiaries is about 7500 per month in AL-Ekhaa hospital.
The hospital contains a specialized and qualified medical staff of gynecologists, pediatricians, pediatric residents, and an integrated staff of nurses and technicians (both genders).

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