Telemental Health


Sarmada mental health center with acute inpatient unit, with capacity of 20 beds, 10 for each gender, provides psychiatric care to the patients with acute mental health disorders who are in need to be temporarily hospitalized until they become stable to be discharged and followed-up  

A-    Acute MH patient’s Admission criteria:

The admission patients’ criteria to be temporarily hospitalized are as the following:
1-    Can be considered dangerous to themselves or the others with the following diagnosis:
-    Psychosis disorder during the acute psychotic episodes 
-    Bipolar disorder during the acute manic episodes 
-    Major depression with clear suicidal ideation/behavior  
-    Substance abuse when associated with psychotic episodes.
2-    Some of the outpatient’s clients with chronic mental health disorders who are resisting the therapeutic plan or not committing with the needed psychotropic drugs, or others who do not have supportive social network in their surroundings, they can stay in the inpatient acute unit to be observed and followed-up until they are more stable.
In general, most of the outpatient clients who were diagnosed with chronic psychosis disorder, can stay in the inpatient unit for a week in average for observation and medical care purposes, when the acute unit capacity allows to. 
3-    Previously discharged patients who went through relapses and need to be hospitalized one more time.


B-    Discharge criteria in the Acute MH unit: 

1-    Clear remission of the signs and symptoms of the acute episodes (Explained above)
2-     Patient’s stabilization levels in terms of insightfulness, dangerous/abnormal/ behaviors, and other risk factors are significantly improved, based on the specialized psychiatrist clinical observation and supported with the Global Assessment of Function (GAF) scale scores. (GAF is a function scale based on DSM4-TR
3-    Assurance for the discharged patients of having supportive social network of family members/relatives/friends who are psycho-educated about the patient conditions, before referring them back to be followed-up by the outpatient team.
4-    Some of the admission patients (Mostly females) might be discharged based on their own families request before finishing the therapeutic plan, and that is for many different reasons (Moving, stigma, family conflicts.), the hospital here in the current context is obliged to response to such requests.

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